Westin’s Wyoming

Welcome to the world of the Open Sky Ranch where the men are as rugged as the jagged peaks that surround them.  The series begins with WESTIN’S WYOMING, release date September 2011.  Pierce, the rebellious brother, left Wyoming as a young man planning never to return.  A desperate call from his older brother brings him back — and it’s not long before he realizes that in his heart, he never really left.  When a beautiful woman  with a heap load of trouble lands on his doorstep it’s up to him to protect not only her but the land he loves.

The series continues in October with the release of WESTIN LEGACY.  In this book, Adam teams up with Echo, the step-cousin he hasn’t seen in many years.  Together, they uncover secrets of a past that threatens to destroy the future.

And in November 2011, the final book in the Open Sky series, WESTIN FAMILY TIES showcases Cody, the oldest of the brothers, as he struggles to keep his marriage — and his wife — alive.